Triland Foods produces a variety of customized pork rind pellets for our clients. Our pellets are produced from top quality, USDA Select fresh skins, cut into pieces of different sizes and mixed with salt. Our fresh skins are provided by major pork suppliers.

The raw material is cooked in pork fat for hours. This cooking process dehydrates the product, which we call pellets. The pork rind pellet is then fried and becomes a puffy, crispy snack.

Pork rind pellets are perfect for companies with large fryers who want to package their own brand of snacks as well as individuals and organizations who want to sell “warm” pork rinds & pork cracklings straight from their small fryer to the public. In addition to increased shelf life, purchasing in pellet form also allows for more efficient storage of the product and decreased shipping costs.

We are proud to manufacture high quality pork rind pellets to strict specifications for our many valued clients. Our manufacturing process involves the testing and evaluation of the pork skins, our high-standards for process control, finished product evaluation, and processing and packaging of the product. Whether you need one box of product or truckloads or container loads, contact Triland Foods for all your pork rind pellets and crackling pellets.

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